Missouri’s Drew Lock is another one of the passers being tossed into this currently nebulous first-round category.

While NFL evaluators have a litany of traits they’re looking for mechanically, it’s always good to see how prospects stack up against premium competition—how they react, how they battle when the odds are stacked against them. This will be the toughest test of the season for Lock, who dazzled in 2017 with 44 touchdown passes.

Having had that experience, we were able to speak the same language, says McVay. That West Coast offense verbiage. A quality control job under Gruden may be overwhelming in the short-term, but it’s big boon to a coach’s development long-term. Gruden is known to liberally add plays to his system. If he sees something another team runs well, he’ll install it. His quality control coaches are left to track seemingly endless concepts around the league. They learn a lot very quickly.

That being said, we have dozens of young people who have died and had this disease and whose families say their personality completely changed. And there’s a very good chance that change was due to this disease spreading in their brain. So we also should not dismiss early stage pathology.

The focus should be on: what can we learn from this? If you follow the breadcrumbs on what we’re seeing with football and CTE and with changes in behavior and suicide, it’s fair to say, hey, let’s look at this. Because this is something that we can prevent, if it was caused by football. We could prevent it by having kids start playing tackle football later, which would lower their risk of CTE dramatically.

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