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I can still remember the post draft discussion Colbert had regarding the drafting of .That is why we have joined with SADD , AAJ , and the law firm of Anapol Weiss to work with teens and incentivize them to create original videos and memes to spread the message that if we care about our friends we not let them drive distracted.a game like , no matter what the score is, they’re going to be flipping pucks and just creating offense constantly.

Now I see parts where the vocabulary was redundant.is a great team and you’ve got to ramp up your game to play against them., taking tales such as these under consideration, and is well aware of each, believe me, understand this backup quarterback stuff still is a meritocracy.Or keep Derby, who has shown tantalizing promise?But when injuries sidelined both Perriman and Smith last , Aiken became the team’s most consistent pass catcher.Take for example the org chart they showed the demo.

The better the goalie plays, the more you settle down and the more you dial , said coach Babcock.Green-Beckham wasn’t able to get the ball once on at MetLife Stadium against the Giants.Miguel Gonzalez is absent from this list because he came over from the Angels organization, as is -Yin Chen who came over from Japan; it could be purely coincidental that both of these players have career first-pitch strike rates that are above average, but perhaps not.

Bench coach Runnells managed the Rockies’ day-to-day details, leaving Weiss free to roam from field to field.• Picked up seven hits three at the Mountain West Conference Postseason .From his perspective, though, that comes as no surprise.Chasing teams off her ice time is just one of the duties she has on game day.Her performance, however, left a little to be desired.receives a 60-percent raise over the $5 million he earned last .

With a few yards to paydirt, here’s how the situation looked for the new starting running back.The franchise has decisions to make on the respective futures of Pro Bowl-caliber players.Because they ‘t run a million plays.NBA analyst Howard Beck of Bleacher Report discussed the chances of the Cavaliers getting Calderon or Deron before the trade deadline.

The Cavaliers have built a complete team very quickly because they and luck positioned them strongly entering last .

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The fans always treated me really well.The Nashville Predators also earned 99 points during the regular to finish fifth overall.seven he’s rushed for 470 yards, three touchdowns and has average of 4 yards per carry.It was a time ago, but I’m confident im not misremembering much if anything there.On Friday, Conte was sidelined again, and and Alston remained out, but there were no new additions to the injury list.

I watched the game night.He constantly says he do what is best for the team regardless of its effect on him or his role.Provo then responded with two wins, one by pin by Alex at 126 pounds and a forfeit win at 132 pounds for Josh Weeks.Trade Deadline: Highlights.At the 1 mark of the second period, converted two free throws to give Chicago a 56 lead, its largest of the first half.

One day, the Cubs are crushing some team, like 10.Of course, the sun was out then!Salvador Perez smashed a two-run homer while driving two runs.They got the bounce and they got the win, Twins manager Molitor said.The Texans would get points off the turnover a few plays later when ‘s 21-yard field goal equalized the score at 3.

One was stabbed and killed, and the knife-wielding suspect was then shot by police.Here’s what it looked like at the snap.The rest were 30 or older.hasn’t made mistakes during his tenure ‘s front office, but at this point the , it would be safe to say signing Cam to a two-year, $6-million deal as a free agent was a regrettable decision.Grubbs Grubbs suffered the injury Week 7.

Highly athletic.That was kind of special for me to hear that from someone like .ranked 25th the league for field-goal percentage with 49 percent …Manhattan .After getting their projected Game Score, the number is translated to above replacement and then converted to a win total, simply dubbed Game Score Value Added if you remember our pre- projections.

Just one tight end has scored a touchdown and none have recorded more than 50 receiving yards.Prisco of Sports doesn’t think .The Royals clipped the scoreboard for four runs against the Indians bullpen the eighth inning, highlighted by Alex double that hopped to the right-field wall.But every day you have to go out and give it your best and not worry about the other stuff.

We need to play well the beginning.Warmack always plays with ideal pad level, getting lower that his counterpart and using that leverage to open holes the running game.

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I feel like I still haven’t had a .These additions are the types of transactions Stars fans are hoping to the coming months.As a kid from Michigan, I grew up rooting for the Wings.posted a 0 from 4-5 …

The last time the Dolphins had a 200-yard runner was Bush 2011.There be a lot of thoughtfully planned out events, whether it be a pop up farmer’s market, a yoga brunch, nighttime dancing it not be a sports bar, it not have the perception that ‘s did.We’ve made it to the final full day of the MLB regular .

It’s a list that’s sure to fuel debate, one that’s not necessarily about the 10 pitchers of all time, hence the inclusion of the legendary Dalkowski, who never threw a pitch the majors, but not Seaver , Roger Clemens or 11 other pitchers who struck out at least 3 hitters – eight of whom are the Hall of Fame.It’ll be good to see those guys make plays.However, after letting a 3 series lead slip, the Warriors are also under immense pressure.Happy Friday, let’s get to it.State was surrounded by hope and optimism, and then you wake up one day near mid-February and the Wolfpack is near last place.

Staley has a base salary of $5 million this season.��While the head of each department of the organization must be free to make final decisions regarding his department, there must be free and open interdepartmental discussion and consideration of everyone’s ideas and opinions.After missing three games early the year, he played nine straight knowing he’d also have to bear a certain level of pain.He came and took that role, and he comes to work every day and prepares and prepares and prepares, Cowboys coach said Monday.It was his first game since Oct.Comments are welcome while open.

Those boxes have been checked off.During 2008 training Garciaparra suffered a microfracture on his hand after a hit-by-pitch.Because at Baylor, I never really dealt with it.Same goes for Andro.I’m not complaining.

Erving was battling through cramps for much of the Browns’ 25 loss to the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday and left FirstEnergy Stadium ambulance.

Aaron Donald expects deal before camp starts

After the Rams announced the five-year contract extension for Brandin Cooks on Tuesday, the obvious question became: What about Aaron Donald?

The Rams are running out of time with training camp slated to start July 26, but the defensive tackle reportedly feels good about where the sides stand in talks. Jason La Canfora of CBS reports that Donald has told some close to him that he anticipates a new deal being done before camp opens.

It’s just not a two-gap 3-4. It’s a 3-4 defense that plays one gap. We start out in an ‘under’ look sometimes. But it’s 3-4 so they don’t know which [outside linebacker] is coming from the outside. We’re gonna rush four but they don’t know if it’s Von Miller from the strong side or DeMarcus Ware from the weak side or whoever else.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, citing a source, said Lawrence will not play on a second consecutive tag in 2019. The Cowboys are certain to franchise Lawrence again at $20.5 million if he has another big year and they don’t reach a deal. So this would seem to put the team on notice that Lawrence will not play the part of good solider again next offseason in the absence of a long-term deal.

He did not participate in offseason practices, and the Ravens have no need to rush him back with camp starting early because of their participation in the Hall of Fame Game.

Defensive lineman Brent Urban, tight end Vince Mayle, cornerback Jaylen Hill, linebacker Bam Bradley and wide receiver Quincy Adeboyejo joined Yanda on PUP, according to Hensley. Urban passed his physical, so his appearance on the PUP list also appears precautionary.

After writing a cover story on Kevin Durant and the Warriors’ championship run, SI Senior Writer Lee Jenkins joined Jimmy Traina on the SI Media Podcast to discuss his story and covering Durant. Below is a snippet of their discussion. [Listen to the full podcast here]

How much will Lawrence get?

Defensive linemen Jadeveon Clowney, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack also are seeking long-term deals, so one of them likely sets the bar for Lawrence.

The Cowboys also will get another season to confirm Lawrence is a war daddy pass rusher and not a one-hit wonder.

To no surprise, no long-term deal will happen between Lions, Ziggy Ansah

Four franchise-tagged players have yet to reach long-term deals before Monday’s deadline. One of them definitely won’t, #asexpected.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com, the Lions and defensive end Ziggy Ansah won’t be striking a multi-year contract. This means that Ansah, a first-round pick in 2013, will spend a sixth season with the Lions, at a franchise tender of $17.143 million.

In terms of players whose performances will define the Broncos’ hopes, three stand out. Keenum is obvious. If he can quickly learn a new system and perform on par with his 2017 output, you can pencil the Broncos in for the postseason. Roby steps into the void left by Talib’s departure for the Los Angeles Rams and brings a quietly great résumé and experience as a slot and boundary corner to the role. In his rookie season, left tackle Garett Bolles showed flashes of becoming the franchise tackle Elway has pursued for half a decade, and gives the staff no reason to think he won’t make a big leap in 201Conservatively, I’d put the Broncos at 7-9 with a lot of upside.

I also noticed I am currently 8th on the career all-purpose yards list. Now, I doubt I’ll be able to catch #1 on the list, Jerry Rice, but with a couple good runs or a nice return, I should be able to climb past Steve Smith (7th) and Marshall Faulk (6th). It will probably take until about mid-season [maybe a little longer] but I got my eyes set on Tim Brown at #5. The only other players on the list after that are #4 Emmitt Smith, #3 Walter Payton and #2 Brian Mitchell.

Sproles has 19,155 all-purpose yards for his career and needs 528 to pass Brown for the fifth spot. Smith piled up 21,564 yards during his career, which will likely remain out of reach unless Sproles revisits his plans to call it a career.

Matt Harvey’s time in New York ended after poor pitching and stories about his hard-partying way. While pitching for the Reds last night against the Braves, Atlanta’s organist tried to mock the right-handed starter about these things.

Missouri’s Drew Lock is another one of the passers being tossed into this currently nebulous first-round category.

While NFL evaluators have a litany of traits they’re looking for mechanically, it’s always good to see how prospects stack up against premium competition—how they react, how they battle when the odds are stacked against them. This will be the toughest test of the season for Lock, who dazzled in 2017 with 44 touchdown passes.

Having had that experience, we were able to speak the same language, says McVay. That West Coast offense verbiage. A quality control job under Gruden may be overwhelming in the short-term, but it’s big boon to a coach’s development long-term. Gruden is known to liberally add plays to his system. If he sees something another team runs well, he’ll install it. His quality control coaches are left to track seemingly endless concepts around the league. They learn a lot very quickly.

That being said, we have dozens of young people who have died and had this disease and whose families say their personality completely changed. And there’s a very good chance that change was due to this disease spreading in their brain. So we also should not dismiss early stage pathology.

The focus should be on: what can we learn from this? If you follow the breadcrumbs on what we’re seeing with football and CTE and with changes in behavior and suicide, it’s fair to say, hey, let’s look at this. Because this is something that we can prevent, if it was caused by football. We could prevent it by having kids start playing tackle football later, which would lower their risk of CTE dramatically.

Kellen Winslow Jr. was shirtless when caught leaving house he allegedly burglarized, report says

On Wednesday, three womenidentified only as Jane Doe 1, Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 were unable to identify Winslow during a the first day of the preliminary court hearing in Vista, Calif.

However, on Thursday, prosecutors said they had DNA evidence that tied Winslow to some of the crimes, helping persuade Elias to rule that there was enough evidence for the case to go to trial.

It’s hard to tell whether Harper’s homer-centric mindset is the cause of his slump or merely a byproduct of it. Long, for one, believes it’s the latter. With all the negatives that are surrounding him, why wouldn’t he bring up some positives? Why does it always have to be negative negative negative negative negative negative negative negative negative, and we never talk about the good things? He wants to feel good about himself on something right now. If you’re the top of the National League, you’re doing something good. That’s him saying, I’ve got to feel good about something.

That isn’t the only thing Harper is doing in an attempt to feel good. On a recent off day in D.C., the face of the franchise met his hitting coach at the stadium for some extra batting practice, about 500 swings’ worth.

We have a law that was passed just recently, and it’s not yet hit the Carolinas the whole gambling aspect. You think about the fans, and you want to keep the fans in the building. Eventually it’s going to hit North and South Carolina. It has to from a revenue standpoint. We have to take that into consideration. We want to make sure fans are in that building and sharing this team.

Sometimes you get lucky when you don’t think you’re lucky. One of the (ways we’re lucky) is we have an old stadium that we have to re-do. And along those things, with some of the changes with gambling, we do have to think about what fans may want. Have to make sure they’re in our building to cheer this team on, because I do believe the fans are the 12th man on the field. I want to make sure the 12th man’s in that stadium.

There’s other development here. We move the practice field to some place other than right next to the stadium, which doesn’t necessarily make so much sense. You open up a lot of area for development. Everything goes hand-in-hand in this community. It’s not just the business things, it’s also things like high school games. I think high school championships should be played in that stadium. I don’t want to screw up the field, but I think there should be (more big events) there. The right type of concerts in that stadium that there haven’t been.

The Cardinals roared back with five runs in the bottom of the seventh, but Dan Winkler and A.J. Minter retired the final six batters to close out the 6-5 Braves win.

The Phillies took 3 of 4 from the Nationals, losing 17-7 on Friday but winning the other three games by one run. The Braves completed an impressive, three-game sweep on the road. Good job to those two clubs on their big weekend. Bad job to the Nationals and Cardinals, who both sit 42-40 and would be hitting the links if the playoffs started on Monday. The Nationals and Cardinals not only trail the Cubs and Phillies in the wild-card race, they now sit behind the Dodgers and Giants.

This is maybe the most disappointing aspect of both teams. NL teams are averaging 4.38 runs per game. The Cardinals are 10th at 4.27 runs per game, and the Nationals are at 4.24. They’re also trending in the wrong direction. While scoring across the NL was up in June at 4.52 runs per game, the Cards and Nats both averaged an even 4.0 per game.

What happens moving forward? FanGraphs projects the Nationals at 4.63 runs per game the rest of the season and the Cardinals at 4.35. That makes sense, as you would expect increased production from Harper and Daniel Murphy, while being less certain about guys such as Pham or Ozuna. The answer for the Cardinals, of course, could be a trade for Manny Machado.

The most successful Cleveland lineups in recent years featured multiple shooters around LeBron. Check out how the Cavaliers performed during the 2017-18 regular season based on the number of other players on the court with James who averaged at least one 3-pointer per 36 minutes.

When all four other Cleveland players averaged at least one 3-pointer per 36 minutes — in lineups with either Kevin Love or Channing Frye at center — the Cavaliers’ 115.2 offensive rating was a full three points per 100 possessions better than the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets managed last season (112.2).

Philadelphia found ways to overcome spacing challenges a year ago. According to Second Spectrum tracking, Embiid averaged more points per chance (1.10) on post-ups when playing with Simmons last season than with Simmons on the bench (0.88). And that increased to 1.15 points per chance when opponents double-teamed with Simmons on the floor, so they weren’t able to take advantage of his non-shooting by bringing extra help.

Jones isn’t at Falcons’ minicamp over a contract dispute.

Julio Jones’ isn’t showing up for the Falcons’ mandatory minicamp from Tuesday through Thursday, which has sent the entire planet into a frenzy.

Jones and the Falcons will be fine, of course. General manager Thomas Dimitroff released a statement on Monday, and even said the conversations between Jones and the team had been productive and constructive. Everything’s cool.

This rule begins on the first day of the new League Year (the first day of free agency) and ends just before the first NFL regular-season game is played, which this year is midnight, Sept. 6.

As the 90-men rosters are trimmed to 53, players whose cap figures weren’t initially part of the Top 51 now count toward the total cap allocation for contracts.

As part of the accounting process, any signing or workout bonuses already paid out to players who originally weren’t part of the Top 51 list will count as dead money against the team’s cap if that player doesn’t make the roster.

That play never should have happened, and time and again, the Lions found ways to break him.

It’s not that Johnson didn’t have a good quarterback in Detroit (Matthew Stafford came along in his third season). And it’s not like Johnson needed a good quarterback to produce — in his final season in college, he had 1,202 receiving yards and that was at Georgia Tech with Reggie Ball as his quarterback. In 2008, he totaled 1,331 receiving yards in a league-high 12 touchdown catches from the winless quintuple of Dan Orlovsky, Jon Kitna, Daunte Culpepper, and Drews Stanton and Henson.

But he never had an Aaron Rodgers, and you know what they say: if you can’t beat ’em, Kevin Durant ’em. Rodgers performs acts of football legerdemain on the regular, and with the 6’5 Johnson to the throw the ball to, the two could headline their own Vegas magic show.

No update on Andrew Luck. Not throwing. Went through early work at OTAs then head to indoor facility to further work. Frank Reich not certain if Luck will throw before end of offseason work in mid-June. Also not concerned.

A week after new Colts coach Frank Reich told reporters Luck was getting real close to being ready to throw a football again, it finally happened at one of the team’s last OTAs of the year.

The Chargers missed the playoffs in 2017, but are tied with the third-best odds to win the AFC this season, behind only New England and Pittsburgh.

Out of the eight current division favorites, Los Angeles is the only one that didn’t make the playoffs last season. Are higher expectations good for the Chargers? The previous two seasons they entered as AFC West favorites were 2010 and 2011, and they fell short of the playoffs both times.

Free-agent goalie Carter Hutton is rumored to be signing with the Sabres to backstop their path back to contention. No pressure! Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On July 1, unrestricted free agency begins in the NHL. Well, officially. It’s comical how much matchmaking is done before free agency opens, like rushing into an electronics store at midnight on Black Friday and having your Nintendo Switch already bagged at the register.

The Suns’ signing Ariza was great news for the Raptors, since Phoenix looked like VanVleet’s best hope of getting an offer sheet that would have featured a balloon payment in Year 3. Instead of waiting around to see whether the Orlando Magic might have space for a similar deal in the event they chose not to match an offer to Aaron Gordon, VanVleet settled for a deal that presumably pays him the maximum $18.5 million Toronto could offer over the next two seasons.

I would have expected the Raptors to aim for a longer deal with a smaller annual salary, helping their tax situation. VanVleet’s new contract gives Toronto about $135 million committed to 12 players. Assuming the Raptors fill the last two roster spots at the minimum, that puts them about $14 million over the tax line with a bill of $27 million.

Toronto will be hard-pressed to avoid the tax entirely, which would probably require trading Jonas Valanciunas into space — not an ideal option. More realistically, the Raptors will probably look to trim around the edges. Finding a team that would take on Norman Powell’s four-year, $42 million extension would get Toronto’s tax bill to a manageable number.